3 Easy Steps To Clean Up Your Inbox Mess

Most inboxes go out of control after a couple of months of signing it up. I can attest to that. Spending more time deleting unwanted mails than reading what you’re supposed to look for is a bit annoying for the most part of it. If your inbox is flagged with spam messages every time you open it, it’s time to make a general cleaning and put a stop through all that nonsense. Inboxes are meant for us to read important correspondence and not become an online store market. Let’s find out a few methods on how to prune our inboxes to get the most of our time.

1. Delete unnecessary mails. This is the first thing you wanna do upon opening your mailbox. Don’t you wanna hit the delete button every time you see those feeds you don’t ever know how they got to your email in the first place? You can figure out an email to delete or not just by reading the subject and the sender on it. Those subscriptions that you are not basically reading should be included in the trash bin also. It would be best to unsubscribe them and put to active your spam to filter your mails with unwanted sender.

Clean Up Your Messy Gmail

Clean Up Your Messy Gmail

2. Address emails immediately if necessary. If an email doesn’t take too long to respond better do it immediately. Don’t add it to your bulk of unread emails. Sooner or later you might need to go back with those emails and it will already cost you a lot of time with these brief emails un-replied. If it doesn’t cost you more than five minutes to think and respond to the mail, don’t wait for later. Respond to it immediately and you will see as time goes by how better you’ve become at brief responses.

3. Archive is a better option. When you have hundreds of thousands of emails you don’t want to delete for future references, put it on archives. Don’t clutter your inbox with old emails you need not to respond. Old emails don’t belong there anymore. File it neatly on archives and organize its folders by contents. Save your inbox with the things that you needed to deal with to keep you from looking up and down in order to find something that is relevant as of the moment. Organize old mails in an appropriate folder so that you will know where to find them later.

Archive Team

Archive Team

To launch an all-out assault into your emails is a grueling job. But it is very much rewarding afterwards. Storing as many emails as you want is not a problem since all of the email providers offer infinite storage space. It would only pose as a problem if it already interferes with your work and forces you to have lesser time with family and personal life. The digital world is there to make your life efficient rather than harass you with so much electronic stuff.

5 Ways to Get Your Fair Share from Loyalty Programs

Loyalty cards are offered by a lot of companies. Using the card allows you to enjoy special discounts and different perks. Stores don’t give loyalty cards just because they want to. It’s actually one of their marketing strategies. It’s a way for stores to attract customers and to make these people spend more. If you are not careful, you’ll surely end up spending more on things you don’t need. Here are 5 ways to use loyalty cards effective and ensure that you get your fair share from the program:

1. Find out why the store gave you coupons

If you’re given coupons after scanning your card, make sure not to use it right away. Before you use it, you have to know why you were given one. You also need to check the coupon carefully. Will you get a good deal if you use it? Or do you have to spend more on unnecessary things to be able to use the coupon?

Strategy Loyalty Lab Blog

Strategy Loyalty Lab Blog

2. Understand that there’s a reason for a certain deal

If you get a coupon that says you’re going to get $10 off for purchasing $100 or more, you’ll probably get excited. Then you realize that it’s only going to be good for a week. What does this mean? It means they want you to make a purchase soon. If there’s something you really need to buy, use the coupon. But if you just want to take advantage of the $10 off and get things you don’t need, you might as well ignore the offer.

3. Keep track of the prices of items

If you’re given a special price via the loyalty program, don’t immediately buy the item. It’s possible that a different store has the same item and offers it at a lower price. In fact, it can be much lower than the special price. One perfect example is Walmart. They don’t have a loyalty program because they have low prices for their customers all of the time.

Make a Grocery Price Book

Make a Grocery Price Book

4. See if it’s worth the effort

There are times when you’ll get a special coupon for a certain event. Before you head to the event, make sure that it’s worth the effort. If it’s too far or you’ll have to deal with so many shoppers and wind up wasting your time, you might as well pass up the offer.

5. Never buy something you don’t need or want

In most cases, you’ll love what the store’s offering. They know what you like because you shared it to them when you signed up for the program. They also get information each time you swipe your card. Still it is better that you are warned so you don’t waste your money and regret not listening to us.

Loyalty programs are beneficial to stores because it gives them more sales. It can also be beneficial to customers when it is used effectively. So whenever you shop and make use of your loyalty card, make sure that you’re getting your fair share and you’re not actually giving in to what the store wants you to do.

Top 3 Food Allergies in Kids

Some kids have allergies to certain kinds of foods. As a parent, you’re worried that your child might ingest something that will cause an allergic reaction. Since you still don’t know what foods your child may allergic to, it’s best to be ready. You’ll have to be prepared with anti-allergic medications. You also have to let your child stay away from these 3 foods that typically cause allergies among children.

1. Milk

There are a lot of kids who are allergic to cow’s milk; about 2.5 percent of infants have it. These kids may also be allergic with other types of milk such as sheep and goat milk. The allergy is typically associated with casein and/or whey. These two are major milk proteins. Lactose, on the other hand, doesn’t cause a reaction, yet it could cause food intolerance.

Tree Nut Allergy News

Tree Nut Allergy News

Although most kids will outgrow a milk allergy when they’re 5 years old, it’s a risk factor for them to develop other kinds of food allergies and even nasal allergies.

2. Peanut

About 0.6 percent of the entire population has allergies to peanuts. The allergy can be severe and lead to life-threatening conditions, most especially in kids who have asthma. Only a few children outgrow their allergy to peanuts, making peanut allergy the most common type of allergy in adults.

Food Allergy Itching and Its Remedies

Food Allergy Itching and Its Remedies

It’s a typical problem for people with allergy to peanuts to be exposed to foods that contain peanuts. Thus, children who are allergic to peanuts should have a peanut-free diet. Also, it’s best to have a medical alert bracelet on. An injectable epinephrine should also be available as a reaction can strike anytime.

3. Egg

This is the most common type of allergy in kids. More than two percent of kids are allergic to egg. Kids may be allergic to the egg white, egg yolk, or both. Once they turn 5 years old, most kids will outgrow the allergy. However, these kids are still prone to developing asthma and nasal allergies. Children who are allergic to egg can’t have the influenza vaccine. Other vaccines can be given safely including MMR, which once raised concern as to whether it should be given to kids with egg allergy or not.

Parents should be very careful when feeding their children because some of these food items may cause allergic reactions. Once you find out that your child has a reaction to a certain kind of food, make sure to remove it from the diet. Also, you have to be ready all the time with the necessary anti-allergic medications including an injectable epinephrine. Talk to your doctor about these allergies and create a diet where your child won’t be exposed to these foods again. As parents, it’s just normal that you care for your kids. Keep them away from harm and one way to do that is to ensure they’re eating the right food.

Social Media And Privacy: 5 Ways To Keep Your Private Info Private!

Privacy of your internet or social media accounts is highly valuable, basically that’s a fact. Internet privacy includes mandate or right of personal privacy concerned about re-purposing, provision for third party, storing and displaying information that pertains to you in the internet.

Privacy may entail either non-PII or PII (Personally Identifying Information) details like behavior on-site of the web user. Many experts in the field of internet privacy and security do believe in the existence of privacy. But there are corresponding levels of privacy among internet users. Remember that the personal privacy on the website may be less secured than what you think.

The following is the list of necessary tips to guard your internet privacy and remain safe online. As much as possible, take note all these tips here since these tips written here are very useful and would be a great help to safeguard your internet.

Avoiding unnecessary forms

You should refrain yourself from filling out different forms that require your personal information. There are more specific ways to prevent yourself from filling out these forms asking too much of your personal details.

What Online Privacy Stuff Should I Actually Care About?

What Online Privacy Stuff Should I Actually Care About

Clear the Search History

Most of the web browsers track every single site you typed to the address bar. This website history must be cleared out not just for the sake of privacy but to keep the computer system run at its top speed.

Watch the downloads

Be very cautious in downloading anything such as music, books, videos or software from the internet. This is a great idea for all privacy advocates, but it is of concern to keep the computer from malfunctioning or freezing up.

Make use of your common sense

This is a self explanatory tip. Do not simply go to websites that may embarrass your husband, children, employer or wife. This is the lowest technology approach in protecting the web and social media privacy.

Common Sense when making decisions in our lives

Common Sense when making decisions in our lives

Guard private information

Before you share any important information online such as in the message board, website, social networking site or on a blog, see to it that it is not anything you would mind sharing in your real life. Do not identify details such as passwords, addresses, phone numbers, user names and first and last names to yourself. The email address must be kept private as much as possible since it may be utilized in tracking some identifying information.

These are just of the most essential things to consider when you want to ensure maximum protection of your identity in the web. Take note that there are many people who are expert and knowledgeable in tracking private information about somebody else.